About Us

Baggage that you’d want to carry.

If it's a bag you need, we're the place to be. We are sellers of premium quality bags to suit every need and every occasion. Whether you are a student, a traveler or a professional – we have what you need. Whether you want it to be trendy or functional or both – we've got your bag!.

What do we do?

Quality that you want cannot always be bought. It has been built in-house, from scratch. We manufacture high-quality bags for supplying to corporates, schools, and colleges. We are a 20-strong team engaged in designing, sourcing and selling bags for retailers and OEM giants.

Why us?

For Supasac, there are three pillars of manufacturing:

  • Quality is nothing if not highest possible.
  • Achieving quality doesn’t mean burning a hole in the pocket. Quality can be affordable.
  • Consistency = Quality.
  • Consistency goes hand in hand with quality. Hence, we conduct regular quality checks and exercise impeccable quality control.
  • Client satisfaction = quality + affordability + consistency.

We focus on the highest quality promotional items and corporate gifts at every price point and style with only the very best in quality applications of your logo to ensure the success of your marketing campaign.

  • Sign Up today and Get 20% OFF!😀
  • Sign Up today and Get 20% OFF!😀