There’s no denying that school-going children love their backpacks. They love to flaunt their styles and treat them as their constant companions. After all, these school bags carry all the essentials through their entire school year- notebooks, stationery, tiffin boxes, and whatnot. In the bid for fancy bags, the quality and fit of the bags are often ignored.  According to a study, 60 % of children carry a school bag that is too heavy in proportion to their body weight and they don’t carry it properly, causing many health issues. Thus, it becomes important to invest in the right school bag. Let’s understand how to choose the one that best suits your needs-

1)      Make a list

Make a list of the items you would need to carry. If you don’t have lockers at school and need to carry heavy items regularly, buy a spacious and bigger school backpack that will distribute weight evenly. If you are going to carry a laptop, look for a specific laptop compartment in the bag.

2)      Avoid crossbody bags

Crossbody bags may look very stylish and are comfortable while riding a bike, but these kinds of bags put too much pressure on one shoulder and can cause injuries on the upper body. Also, never hang them off one shoulder.

3)      Decide the color and design

Many children want to buy bags with colorful designs and styles that match their uniforms. Neutral and plain bags can be jazzed up with key-chains, stamps, etc. Once a few styles are chosen, you can narrow down your options.

4)      Check the fabric

The fabric of the bag will decide how heavy it feels, its breathability, ease of cleaning and durability. Synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, PU are the most widely used as they are long-lasting. They are also water-resistant and easier to dry during the rains. Leather bags can get heavy and the leather can also peel off over time, so they are generally not preferred.

5)      Look at the support provided

The spinal columns of children are not completely developed and are more prone to injuries. The bag’s weight should be kept under 10 % of the child’s body weight. The size should be such that the bag doesn’t go higher than the shoulders or lower than the hollow behind. The more straps and pockets the bag has, the better is the weight distribution. If the bag is too heavy or has unadjusted straps that haven’t been appropriately worn, the child will bend forward, which can cause pain in the neck and shoulders. Look for padded handles and chest and waist straps for additional support.

6)      Check number and type of compartments

Look at the number of compartments a bag has. Small spaces are great for storing personal items like mobile, stationery, etc. Check if you need any special space for particular items that are used daily. Many school bags have dedicated laptop compartments and mesh water bottle holders. A separate compartment for tiffin too is found in many school bags as it prevents food spills. Some bags have holes that allow headphones to connect with items like mobile phones and music payers stored in the bag.

7)      Examine the quality of zippers  

Look for zippers that are double-headed for easy access. They should also be heavy-duty and water-resistant.

8)      Check the fit

Try wearing the bag you plan to buy. Make sure it helps you maintain a proper posture and fits you comfortably. Adjust the straps. The bag should let you move freely. Fill in something and check if the straps are digging into your shoulders. The bag should sit at the center of your back. The bottom of the bag should not sit beyond 10cm below the waistline. Measure the pockets and see if they are big enough for your laptops, folders, notebooks, etc.

9)      Check out additional features

Nowadays, new bags have added features like rain covers, trolley sleeves, and compression straps.  Some are also convertible and have organizers.

Now let’s get to a few tips that should be kept in mind-

  • Always carry only what you need. Over time, many unimportant things can get accumulated in your bag. Try to clean your bag once a week.
  • Avoid overburdening your back. For example, take off your bag while waiting for your bus.
  • Avoid climbing the stairs while carrying something heavy in your bag as it causes added strain on your back.
  • If your bag happens to fall short of space, carry an extra tote for additional things you carry.

The easiest way to shop for a school bag is online. Check the reviews of the bag you plan to buy and what differentiates it from others. Try it at home and if it doesn’t feel right, you can easily return it and buy a new one. Also, a warranty is offered on many kids’ school bags. The best brand that is affordable and takes care of all your school bag related needs is Supasac. Buy the latest school bags online form Supasac today!

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