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Is there anyone school bag that’s right for every kid? Leave a comment

Is there anyone school bag that’s right for every kid?

No two children are exactly alike – especially in size and stature, differences among elementary school kids can vary widely. Fortunately, Supasac is the right bag for any kid.

Too heavy and impractical? Not anymore

Do you remember your primary school days? For many children, their schoolbag was way too big and heavy, and it pulled on their backs. Running or playing with a schoolbag was out of the question! Some children had back problems or grew out of their schoolbags and others were already bored with their princess design in the second grade.
That’s how it was back then but fortunately, a lot has changed since then. Today you can buy your child a school bag that fits them for a long time and that your child will continue to like until the end of the fourth grade.

Finding the right schoolbag

For a backpack to fit well, many points are crucial: The straps should be pleasantly padded and make carrying comfortable for kids of all heights and sizes. The chest strap should not only be height-adjustable, but it should also be width-adjustable. Supasac-Models have these features: The chest strap can be enlarged by up to eight centimeters so that it fits well on every child.

The waist belt is also important: It should ensure that most of the weight is transferred from the back to the more stable pelvic area. The Supasac circumference can be adjusted and has a range of 55 to 90 centimeters so that it can be adapted to any child.

Untitled design

Can a school backpack grow?

Not only are the waist and chest straps adjustable but even the entire backpack will grow with your child. Therefore, it will remain a faithful companion even after your child’s growth spurts. The Supasac has an ergonomically formed aluminum rail, which fits itself to the child’s back and by a height-adjustable carrier system, the backpack can grow, from a height of approximately 1 meter to 1.50 meters.

Also, the schoolbag should be comfortable to carry in all seasons: So, we made sure that the back cushions are breathable so that kids don’t sweat unnecessarily, even in the summertime. In winter the backpack also fits well, even with a thick winter jacket the Supasac is not too tight.

Also, you can change the design!

Before school starts your child loves dolphins but shortly after they move onto dinosaurs and then in the second grade their new thing is unicorns. Who can relate? Should you then buy a new satchel every time? No way! That’s why it’s great if you can not only change the size of the backpack but also, it’s appearance.

Kids can adapt their school backpacks to their individual interests whenever they want, with exchangeable Supasac Velcro motifs. They can either choose from more than designing their own! But that is by no means the end of the individualization possibilities. The backpack can also be customized with safety sets, reflector safety sets other side pockets Zip sets. These are available in four fluorescent colors for the Supasac pack.

So, you can be sure that the backpack will fit and please the kids the whole time they are in elementary school. No matter how much they grow or how often their taste and favorite animal change!

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